A Fairy At The Post Office

Wendy dressed for Halloween

Don’t you look beautiful!  I said to Wendy as I walked into the Post Office.  I did not expect to see her in long pink and blue hair with wings on, dressed as a fairy for Halloween.

I was bringing in my first load of wool to mail.  There was candy on the counter and a woman in front of  me dressed as a domino.

Last week I bought a scale.

I can save 30% on shipping costs if I use Etsy postage instead of going to the postoffice.  It’s part of my Free Shipping on Potholders till December 10th, campaign.

I click on, Get Etsy Shipping Labels, in my Etsy shop then enter the weigh and dimensions of the package I’m sending, then print out a shipping label.  Since I don’t yet have sticky labels, I have to cut out each label and tape it on the package.

I started experimenting with it on my wool orders, but it was just too much work and too  time consuming.  It’s something I need to practice more before using it on a big shipping job like my wool.

It makes sense to use Etsy Shipping, but it’s also means I’ll be spending less time making one of those personal connections that mean a lot to me since I work alone.  Wendy’s always there to help me send a package the most efficient and inexpensive way.  And I simply enjoy seeing both Wendy and Martha and talking to them as they process my shipping.

I’ll still have to drop off my packages at the post office, but something will be lost.  Those five to ten minutes we spend together a few times a week keep us connected and keep me connected to the town in a way that helps make me feel I’m a part of it.

2 thoughts on “A Fairy At The Post Office

  1. When I do mailings, I write on the package where the label will go. I write name of person, dimensions of the package and how much it weighs. I do it in batches. As I pack and seal each one, I put the name of the person on it. When done packaging for the time being, I break out my tape measure and write the measurements on each box. When done with that, I weigh each one using a cheap postal scale.

    Then I do my shipping labels. I can do them in bulk, because I don’t have to worry about putting the wrong label on the package because their name is already on it.

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