Bedlam Farm Fall Color Wool For Sale


The white is Zelda’s wool. I have four skeins of it for sale in my Etsy Shop.

I sold more than half my Bedlam Farm Wool in just a few days.  But I still have plenty still available in natural and dyed colors in my Etsy Shop. 

I noticed when I put them all together what lovely fall colors they are. The yellow, orange and white  wool together, make me think of Halloween Candy Corn.  And the orange and yellow and grays are the fall colors of the  big old maple trees outside my window.

The three different gray wools are hard to tell apart when they’re photographed alone.  So I put them together  with the will Orange and Yellow Wool so you can see the difference between them and also see how well they work with the brighter colors.

Originally I didn’t put Zelda’s White wool up for sale because I thought it was all sold.  But I have some extra so I’m selling it along with the rest of the wool in my Etsy Shop.

Socks and Izzy’s Dark  Gray Wool

Socks and Izzy’s Gray above is the darkest.  It’s a mix of Border Leicester and Romney.

Suzy and Biddy Warm Gray Wool

Suzy and Biddy’s gray is slightly lighter and has a tinge of brown in it, making it a warm gray.   It’s also Border Leicester and Romney mixed.

Pumpkin and Griselle Light Gray Wool

Pumpkin and Griselle’s wool is the lightest and softest gray. It’s a mix of Romeny, Border Leicester and Cheviot.

Pumpkin’s wool used to be a dark brown, but it’s turned a soft gray over the years. His mother is Socks who has some of the darkest wool and his father was a white Cheviot named Ted.

You can see all the wool I have for sale  here in my Etsy Shop.  The skeins are 3 ply worsted, 200 yards and $25 each + shipping.

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