Jack’s Old Quilt

Fate and the quilt

Every once in a while, Jack Metzger, from Jack’s Out Back Antique Shop, comes by and gives me an old quilt or some old fabric.

Jack’s like me in that way, he has a hard time throwing out anything old that someone might be able to use.

Once he gave me an old worn out bear skin.  I never figured out how to use it and when we moved from Old Bedlam Farm, I brought it back to the woods hoping a fox might use it to line its den.

Today it was this old quilt, worn and torn in some places and still perfectly quilted in others.  I have no doubt I’ll be able to use it somehow.

2 thoughts on “Jack’s Old Quilt

  1. These old quilts are treasure troves, and tell so many stories, despite not knowing their origins. I will look forward to seeing bits and pieces show up in your wonderful creations!

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