Look At That


I looked at my lint roller after cleaning off my work table and said out loud to myself,  ” Wow, look at that!”

So here it is,  my latest Lint Roller Collage.

8 thoughts on “Look At That

  1. Maria, you can see art everywhere, and I love that!! It’s an amazing thing – once I learned to live my life, rather than just survive my life, I could see art everywhere, in the smallest and unlikely of things, especially living art – tiny animals, bugs. And escorting them outside if they were in, rather than trying to extinguish them. We are all works of art. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

  2. That’s what I said, “Look at that!”, even before I’d scrolled down to your post.
    The delicate lines, the random shapes and fluidity and the burst of cobalt blue!
    Perfect simplicity all around. Please think of selling you “found art”.

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