A Flower in the Leaves

I pushed the wheel barrow halfway to the barn yard gate before looking down and seeing the single white phlox looking back at me.

I didn’t notice it when I cut the tall stems from the flower bed in front of the house.  I didn’t see it when I scooped up all the cuttings and leaves, piled them into the wheel barrow and placed the rake on top of it all.

I smiled back at the flower, clipped the stem and brought it into the house.  I took a small blue glass bottle from the windowsill in the laundry room,  filled it with water, put the phlox in it, then put it on Jon’s desk.

Sometimes, when such a small thing can bring me such unexpected joy, I wonder if I’m not a little simple.

Part of the fun of cleaning up the flower beds is giving the dead flowers and leaves to the donkeys and sheep to snack on.  In a way, it’s like composting.  I get it all back in donkey manure, which I spread on the same flower gardens I just cleaned out.

Socks, Biddy and Suzy in the back.


4 thoughts on “A Flower in the Leaves

  1. I like being a bit simple if that’s what you call an innate appreciation for all things. Just coming in from my own garden, planting bulbs brought over by a neighbor and then coming back into the house to enjoy the 8 week old kittens bouncing about – how much better could life get??

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