From Princess To Superhero, On Election Day

Ever since I put my Flying Vulva decal on my car, I kept thinking of a Flying Vulva Superhero.

Last week I found this piece of fabric in my stash that someone sent me a while ago.  I kept it, not sure how I would use it, but  knew it when I did there would be some irony in whatever I made.

As soon as I saw the Disney Princesses, I also saw the Flying Vulva’s on their chests.  The idea for the tattoos and tiara’s came later.

For me this is the perfect use of this piece of fabric.

These princesses, emulated by little girls, and created in the vision of perfection as seen through the eyes of men, take back their bodies by wearing the symbol of the Flying Vulva, just as a superhero would.

Betty left a comment on my blog saying I should be ashamed of myself for  dishonoring “a little girls idol”.

But I don’t see it that way.

I see these princesses as being harmful to a  girls self-image.    And feel it’s important for a girl or woman to have as much information about their bodies, including their vulva’s, as possible.  The more familiar we are with our vulva’s the less we have to be ashamed of them.

I wanted to get this piece finished for Election Day.

For me it’s speaks to how women are rising up in our county.  How many of them are running for office, in this years election.  It’s about women standing up for ourselves instead of letting men and women tell us how we should look,  what we can do,  and what we can say.



12 thoughts on “From Princess To Superhero, On Election Day

  1. Honoring and empowering little girls, not dishonoring!

    I love the way you’ve added a giant vulva who seems to be lovingly patting Snow White and Cinderella (is that Cinderella?) on the head.

    1. I kept thinking of Superman movies with the giant Superman emblem coming at the audience. I’m not sure who the other princess is, but it is gentle isn’t it?

  2. Dear Lord, dishonoring idols? I agree with you, little girls need to know all about their bodies as soon as possible, and that THEY get to decide how and what to believe about them, not the rest of the world. The male-driven ideals of women, are so antiquated and shaming – I LOVE this piece!!

  3. Well done. I love it and love your creativity and joy in doing all your wonderful work. You keep us all inspired. Thank you.

  4. Maria – I love what you’ve done with these Disney characters! And, for the record, they are Belle, from Beauty and the Beast (top left), Cinderella, (top right), Sleeping Beauty (bottom left) and Snow White (bottom right).

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