On The Way To Vote

On the way to vote.

The unpaved parking lot was full at the Jackson Town Hall were Jon and I go to vote.

The Town Hall is a small building, it used to be a one room school house and there was a line when we got there.  That’s unusual for in our small town.

One of the women helping people feed their  paper ballots in to voting machine said she hadn’t had a chance to eat the breakfast she brought with her, people were lining up  to vote since 6am.

I wished I could help out, and give her a chance to have something to eat.   It makes me want  to volunteer to man the polls for the next election.

2 thoughts on “On The Way To Vote

  1. Good morning, Maria,

    happy to know that you went to vote this morning, most of the world is looking and waiting to find out what will no doubt affect us all in the next 2 years, inside and outside of the USA…but one comment about ‘to man’ the polls – let’s pay attention to gender neutral language because words have power (nothing new there, l guess), so go ahead an staff (not man) the polls room, no more mankind (humankind), no more chairman (chair), no more fireman, etc…what we say conjures up images in our (female) brains and boy, did l cringe when l first saw the Disney princesses followed by a loud roar of laughter when l looked closer at the images…wowiiiih, well done warriroress!!! In support, Sabina

    1. After reading my post to Jon out loud, I saw the same thing. But I didn’t think about when I wrote it. My first thought was to change it to “woman” the polls, but I like “staff” the polls even better. So thanks for the language lesson Sabina. Glad you got Bawdy laugh from the princesses turned warriors’! (there it is again….)

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