My Flying Vulva Buttons For Sale In My Etsy Shop

Thomas Toscano from Wbtn wearing one of my Flying Vulva Buttons

I gave one of my Flying Vulva Buttons to Jon to give to Thomas at  Wbtn where Jon has his radio show, Talking With Animals.

When Thomas interviewed me a few weeks ago on his weekend arts show, we had a good conversation about my Flying Vulva’s.  So I knew he would want a button.

Now I’m selling my Flying Vulva Buttons in my Etsy Shop.  They’re 1 1/4 inches round and are $2 including shipping.

As I’m offering with my Flying Vulva Decals, if you want a Flying Vulva Button, but don’t have the $2 you can send me a self address stamped envelope and I’ll send you one for free.

More than anything I’m trying to get the Flying Vulva message of women’s freedom and power out into the world.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

A Flying Vulva button on my altar in my studio.


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