Chewing Cud

That’s Pumpkin up front chewing cud.  Griselle is next to him and as the video goes on you see his mother Socks burp up her cud and start chewing too.  Then it’s Biddy, Suzy  and Liam last of all.

Sheep have four parts to their stomachs and they regurgitate the grass they eat and chew it again in order to break it down to better digest.

4 thoughts on “Chewing Cud

  1. Great ideas Maria.
    I’m going to take this opportunity to say that I am still resisting the flying vulvas. I would love to know how women feel who have been valued ONLY for their vulvas!
    Love your blog, your writing, your art, your values!

    1. Ah yes, Susan, that would be a bad thing to be valued only for our vulva’s. But it’s not the message I’m trying to put out there. Maybe the wings help to broaden that view? Anyway, I appreciate our continued discussion of the Flying Vulva’s and how we can disagree about it. And here we are agreeing on one part of it too.

  2. This city slicker just learned something- I am embarrassed I didn’t really know exactly what cud was and how they get it to chew. It’s almost hypnotic watching them. (And I just posted a comment about how I always learn something from your blog!) Great video- also love it when you list their names.

    1. Well I love to hear that Kemi! all of it. I didn’t know much about chewing cud till I moved here. Then it just becomes part of life. cows everywhere chewing and chewing, not as many sheep, but once you get to know them, they become curious creatures.

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