A Pair Of Potholders For Nancy

Potholders for Nancy

Nancy bought a bunch of my Potholders as Christmas gifts for her friends and family.  I had the Potholder on the right for sale in my Etsy Shop and she wanted another to go with it. (she was giving each person a pair of potholders)

I knew I had some of the same fabric left, but most of it was made from scraps I had used up.  So I used the pieces I had that were the same and found other fabric in similar colors to make the pair.

2 thoughts on “A Pair Of Potholders For Nancy

  1. Thanks, Maria. I love the one on the right, with the piece of green background and the teeny, tiny red flowers on it. My grandma used to sew so much, and I loved the clothes & little blankets she made for my dolls. <3

    1. It makes me happy to know that my potholder brought up those memories. Now I’m thinking about the doll clothes my grandmother made for my dolls.

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