A Black, Gray and Cream, Baby Quilt


The first two piece of fabric I sewed together for the Baby quilt.

I said yes to making the baby quilt for Donna because I was intrigued by the colors. Blacks, grays and creams.

I had no idea, before I started working on it, that the size, 36″x48″, about half the size of one of my regular quilts, would be a challenge.  It’s somewhere between a pillow and a quilt.  Actually, almost the exact size of my new work table.

Usually when I make anything, I just sew until it’s done.  I’m not used to working to a specific size.  Is the quilt supposed to be a big quilt made little, or a little pillow made big.

Of course it’s turning out to be its own unique thing.

I started working on it yesterday, the way I do all my quilt.  I found two piece of fabric that looked right next to each other and sewed them together.

The textures and shades become so important when working with a limited palette.

I searched my stash and found cream colors with grey and black patterns and black fabric with gray patterns.  Some of the grays go blue or green depending on what black, gray or cream they are next to.

You can also  see how the color changes in the photos, depending on the lighting.  When it’s done, I’ll take a picture of it outside, the natural light is usually most true.

This is as far as I got on the quilt tonight.  I still need to add about six inches on to each side,  and then a black border.  I hope to get the quilt top done tomorrow.

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