First Sponsor of Jon’s Radio Show… “Talking To Animals”

I just became the first sponsor of an hour of Jon’s Radio Show Talking to Animals.  

I handed him a check for $20 as he was walking out the door with Red on his way to WBTN in Bennington.  “Don’t forget to mention Fate” I told him,  as he got in the car.

Jon got the idea to have one time sponsors for his radio show from  Anne, a reader on his blog.  I think it’s a great idea and am proud to be the first sponsor.

You can listen to Talking to Animals on your phone or computer here.  It from 1-3pm and you can also call in and ask Jon any animals question.

Click here to read more about sponsoring Talking to Animals.

2 thoughts on “First Sponsor of Jon’s Radio Show… “Talking To Animals”

  1. Hello Maria, I am in France and I can hear WBTN high and clear ! amazing ! Now I just have to figure up the time difference. Much more difficult. 5 hours ? 6 ?

    1. It’s kind of wild Catherine. I can’t get the signal for the station on my car radio, but can stream it from anywhere. And now from France too! And yes, I’d have trouble with the time difference too…..

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