Photo by Cheryl Brondstatter

ASCENDING by Cheryl Brondstatter

Once upon an election
Was a forecast of a wave.
No one being quite certain
Of the direction it would take.

The ground began to rumble
Speculation was unending.
And when the dust had cleared
The vulvas were ascending!

It’s past time, said the sisters
We’ll not settle or retract.
The shift of power has begun
And there is no going back.

Raise our hearts and voices
Give the old guard a needed rest.
Welcome in a new shift of
True equality and respect.

I sent Cheryl a few of my Flying Vuvla Buttons and Cheryl wrote this poem capturing the meaning of my Flying Vulva’s so well.  Thank you Cheryl,  I just had to share it.


2 thoughts on ““Ascending”

  1. Cheryl, I am reminded of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech in Montgomery Alabama in March 1965:

    “And again the brutality of a dying order shrieks across the land. . .

    “How long?

    “Not long. . . . ”

    Of course, that was over 50 years ago and we’re still fighting that fight, too.

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