Chickadee Quilt, What Babies See


Fabric on the back of Chickadee quilt

I chose this cat fabric for the back of the Chickadee Quilt I made for Donna.  It seemed just right to me,  keeping with the colors of the quilt, but adding the fun of the cats.

I don’t know much about babies, but I’ve heard that they don’t see colors for a while after they are born. And I don’t even know if that’s true or not.

But as I was making the quilt I thought of when I was very young, I loved looking at the way patterns and colors came together.  I would look for the places where they appeared to create three dimensional spaces.  I would look for images in the textures and patterns.  And I always wanted to feel the textures.

I’m hoping that Donna’s grandson will get something like that out of this quilt.  That’s it will bring him some tactile, or visual pleasure.  And if nothing else, it will make him feel warm and cozy.

The back of Chickadee quilt
The front of Chickadee Quilt

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