Karaoke At The Mansion

Peggy and Jon singing at the Mansion today.

Madeline sat down in front of the Karaoke screen and began singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I  just finished making Fabric Collages with some of the residents at The Mansion when Jon showed up for some Karaoke.  Peggy always wants to sing a Country Song and Madeline will sing with our without music.

I cried as I listened to Madeline sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  That song can make me cry no matter who sings it, but watching Madeline, was even more poignant.

When it comes to singing, Madeline knows what she’s doing.  She told me how she starred in many plays when she was younger.  She still remembers all the words to Diamond’s Are A Girls Best Friend.

Madeline sang both songs today and Jon got videos which you can see here.  I’m looking forward to hearing Madeline sing again next time we do Karaoke.

2 thoughts on “Karaoke At The Mansion

  1. Oh how my heart soared and my eyes dripped when I watched her sing Over The Rainbow. I bet she was something when she was younger and she is sure something now. Thank you for this.

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