Making Fabric Collages at The Mansion

Making Fabric Collages at the Mansion today.

Peggy, Matt, Wayne and Ruth were waiting for me  in the activities room when I got to The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility today. As the hour went on some people left and others showed up.

I brought in a box of fabric pieces, some glue sticks and linen napkins.   I gave a little guidance about overlapping, but mostly just left everyone to do what they wanted.

The collages came out really well and everyone seemed to enjoy making them.

I know many of the people who live at the Mansion from Friday nights when Jon and I got to call Bingo.  We’re all pretty comfortable with each other at this point and have a good time together.

Tim with the fabric collage he made today
I ran out of linen napkins for Jackie to make a collage on, so Julie, the activities director got a box of fabric she had and we gave that to Jackie to work with.
Matt’s Collage will hang in the activities room.
Peggy’s going to give her college to her daughter as a Christmas gift.  Peggy used markers to draw on her collage.


2 thoughts on “Making Fabric Collages at The Mansion

    1. I was really impressed with them too Anne. I believe Tim is an artist, I’ve seen some of the other pieces he has done and they’re impressive.

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