My Mother’s Sewing Machine

Old Sewing Machine Potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

My mother got her sewing machine in the 1940’s.  It’s a Singer, just like the one’s on the piece of fabric on the potholder above.

I remember sewing on it and the bobbin always getting caught, the tension always off.  I was thrilled when my mother bought me a Singer Sewing machine when I got married the first time.  I was 22.  The machine did a straight stitch, a zigzag and button holes.

I used it to make all my quilts and potholders when I first started Full Moon Fiber Art. A few years later I got my Brother Sewing Machine and discovered freemotion sewing.  And a few years after that, with the help of so many of you and my Kickstarter, I got my Viking sewing machine.

I still have my 33 year old Singer Sewing Machine.  There’s something wrong with it.  It no longer pulls the fabric under the needle.  I think about getting it fixed.  I think about throwing it away.  But I haven’t done either yet.

Makes me wonder if my mother still has her old Singer Sewing Machine.

I still have some Potholders for sale,( Sewing Machine, Piggy and others)  along with lots of other art in my Etsy Shop.  Shipping is free on my Potholders and Jon’s photos until December 10th.  You can browse my Etsy Shop by clicking on the Shop Etsy button below.

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