“Autumn Night”, A Pillow

Autumn Night  For sale in my Etsy Shop

I started this pillow just after I made the seven pillows for Linda.  I just finished it a few days ago.

It’s made from the fabric that quilt designer Kenna Ogg sent me.  I’ve used up most of that fabric now, so I won’t be making more pillows like it.

Even though all the leaves are down and there’s snow on the ground here, I’m calling it Autumn Night.  It speaks of the night colors in mid autumn when the leaves are peaking and the night seems somehow not as dark.

Autumn Night is  Sold for sale in my Etsy Shop.  It’s 27″x27″ end to end and  is  $95 including shipping.  You can get to my Etsy Shop by clicking on the Shop Etsy button below.

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  1. We should figure out a way for you to cross Etsy with Ebay. Then you could set a minimum price to start the bidding and your devoted following could have at it.

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