NutHeart Necklace

Nut Heart Necklace made by Vicki Alderman

Vicki sent me this NutHeart necklace she made from a nut shell she found in the woods.  She told me every time she goes in the woods she sees something she’s never seen before.

Sometimes I walk in the woods blind, seeing only the thoughts going through my head.  If I walk long and far enough, they usually fade and finally  I am truly in the woods.  Walking and seeing what is in front of me. Seeing things I’ve never seen before, though I’ve walked the same path so many times.

Today is Thanksgiving and I’m not really sure what or how I feel about it.  Except that this morning when I looked for a necklace to wear, I knew I wanted to hear the NutHeart that Vicki gave me.  I knew I wanted to put a picture of it up on my blog for everyone else to see too.

Right now  the Nut Heart Necklace comes the closest to expressing what I’m feeling about today and would like to pass along to everyone else.  Love, nature and community.

8 thoughts on “NutHeart Necklace

  1. I thought that it was sad not to have community around me on Thanksgiving. Then I thought why should this day be different than any other day of the year. It’s just another day with a fancy name.

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