Red and Jon

Jon and Red

I took this picture of Jon and Red a few days ago.  I’m so used to living with the two of them and witnessing their very special connection, I don’t think about it much. It’s part of our lives together.

There’s Jon. And there’s Red. And there’s Jon and Red.  Like an entity in itself.

This afternoon Red collapsed in the pasture.  It seems his back legs are paralyzed.  We’re not sure if it’s permanent of not.    Jon wrote about it all on his blog.  You can read that here if you want to know more about what happened.  I don’t feel the need to write about the details, Jon did a good job explaining it all.

For now, Red is in Jon’s office, on his bed under the table,  where he spends so much of his time, and is most comfortable.

Tomorrow we’ll bring him to our Vet Dr Farriello, who knows him so well and we’ll figure out what to do next.

2 thoughts on “Red and Jon

  1. Jon and Rose. Jon and Red. Kindred spirits with unique closeness and happiness. I wish you both the best of news tomorrow at the vet. Love and hope from Ron and I. xoxoxo

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