Bedlam Farm Wool Sold Out And In The Mail

I spent my day packing up and mailing the yarn that I sold out over the weekend.  About 44 skien of yellow, orange and natural grays.

When I sold the first half of the wool, I was just getting used to using Etsy shipping labels and reusing boxes.

This time I was having more fun with both.

I figured out a good system for weighing and measuring the packages then printing out shipping labels, postage paid,  so the whole process is less expensive (Etsy Shipping is less expensive that the Post Office) and I can just drop them off at the post office without having to wait for Wendy to process them.

I was also having getting into making the used boxes mine, by drawing on them.  Having that little creative break in between the business of shipping definitely made it more interesting.

So thanks again everyone who bought Bedlam Farm Wool.  You’ll be getting your packages in the mail soon…


One of the boxes of wool ready to be mailed.


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