Bud In The DogHouse Potholders For Sale

Bud In The Doghouse Potholder.  For sale in my Etsy Shop

It was raining and Fate was standing on the back step waiting for me to open the door, because she knew I would.  But that was not Bud’s life experience.  So he found shelter in the dog house in the back yard and stayed there till some better (like me opening the door so he could come inside the house) came along.

It’s only our dogs who have lived outside, that use the doghouse.  First Izzy, back at Old Bedlam Farm, then Frieda when we moved here, and now Bud.

Bud spend the first year of so of his life outside in a fenced area in Arkansas.  There was no shelter in the space he shared with another dog, a pug.  The pug died from heat stroke but someone from Friends of Homeless Animals bought Bud from his owner and nursed him back to health.

I wasn’t surprised to see Bud using the dog house.  He’s a survivor.  What did get my attention was how, when he’s sitting, he’s  perfectly framed by the arch of the doorway.

I couldn’t resist making the image into a potholder.

So today I made some drawings on paper then with my sewing machine, till I got Bud and Doghouse just right.

Then I made five potholders of Bud in the Doghouse.  As always, I stitched each one individually using my sewing machine, so they’re all slightly different.

My Bud In The DogHouse Potholders are for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $25 each and, as with all my potholders, shipping is free through December 10th.  You can see them all by clicking on the Shop Etsy Button below.

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