If I were breeding sheep, Suzy would be the perfect sheep to breed.

She has a easy going temperament, grows large quantities of beautiful wool, (she’s a Border Leicester) and was the only one of our ewes who didn’t have any problems giving birth.

We came home one afternoon and she was standing the barn yard with her lamb (who we later named Liam) next to her.

She is also a very attentive mother.  She and Liam are still close. I will often see them paired off by themselves.

Suzy has also never had any health issues and Liam is just as healthy.  He recovered quickly as a lamb when his ribs were broken by our donkey Simon.

Donkeys are guard animals and will often see lambs, who are new to the flock, as intruders and try to run them off.  After that one incident, Simon quickly learned that the lambs were a part of Bedlam Farm.

I named Suzy, after my friend Suzy Fatzinger who is a spinner and knitter and has been making those beautiful shawls for the Bedlam Farm Open House the past few years.

I’m not exactly sure how old Suzy is, six or seven years at least. She’s one of the first sheep I got and I feel as close to her as I’ve felt to a sheep.

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