The Woman on the Couch

Over the weekend, I was sitting in the livingroom and saw in my mind, this woman sitting on this couch.  I just had to draw her.  I don’t know where she came from, why I saw her, but she got me started on some different kinds of drawings on the 4×6 cardboard postcards.

When I have a collection of about 10 of these, I’ll probably sell them in my Etsy Shop.  Right now I have these three…


4 thoughts on “The Woman on the Couch

  1. These remind me of the VERY early potholders of the Pember Library and others you first did when you and Jon were going on trips and readings. I treasure mine so much. There is something about that lady that makes me think of someone. She has funky style!

    1. I do remember them Marilyn, it’s true, I’ve always loved interior views, it probably something I’ll keep going back to one way or another.

  2. I’m pretty sure the woman is me, Maria. Or at least, I would like to have flowers sprouting out of my head like she does and a cup of tea topping off a stack of interesting books on the table beside me. It looks like I am/she is wondering, “Is it OK to rest on the couch with my tea and books, or should I clean out the cat litter box first?” It’s the age old dilemma. Perhaps I/she will think about it while taking a nap.

    1. I love that you relate to her so much Janet. And you got a whole story out of the drawing. I happen to think you’re right about the kitty litter box dilemma.

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