Red, Back At Work

The best indicator of how Red is doing is if he’s following Jon around.  And he is.

Last night he went up the stairs to bed, this morning he followed Jon out to the barnyard.  And now he’s sleeping next to Jon as he writes.

Red is moving slowly, but he’s moving.   We’re not letting him run, herd sheep or do therapy work for a while.  He’s resting up, being treated for the arthritis on his spine, and hopefully healing.

Right now Red’s only work is Jon.  And he’s doing that well, as always.

3 thoughts on “Red, Back At Work

  1. Dear Maria, Your and Jon’s honest journey thru life, love, sickness, death, without barring up your hearts inspires me. Letting love and life fully in, even tho eventually separation will come, is brave, wise. Thank you so much for allowing us to share your journey. We are so glad that Red is better. Annie

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