Thanks For Paying Me For My Work

The Museum.  A cardboard postcard

“How does it feel to be paid for your work?” Jon asked me this morning.  “Good” I said, “it feels good.”

There is an unexpected part for me about asking for donations to my blog and receiving, in just the first day, so much support.   It affirms that my blog, my writing, my videos and images are my work, along with the physical art that I sell.

I knew this, of course, but a part of me still has the mindset of working for an hourly wage.  It’s how I spent most of my life.  I can’t punch a clock when it comes to my work.  The lines between working and not are too blurry, constantly shifting.

The concrete thing that happened, since my donation page went live on my blog yesterday, is that now when I’m taking a video or  photo, I no longer see it as something to aid my work.  Since yesterday, it more than ever, became my work.

So thank you everyone who made a donation to my blog.  The donations varied from $5 to over $100 and each one, did the same to affirm my understanding of what my work truly is.

It feels good to be paid for my work.  But it also means that I’ll be able to continue doing it. That I can earn a living through my own, imagination, ingenuity, detemination and hard work.

(Nick from Mannix Marketing was quick in making the changes that I wanted.  So now you’ll see a Donation button at the bottom of each of my blog posts along with the  Support my Blog button on the Navigation bar at the top of my blog).




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