My Karakul Kim

Kim is the only Karakul  sheep we have.

I got her from Daryl,   the same farmer that I got my Border Liecester’s and Cheviots from.  They’re kind of unusual around here,  they originated in Central Asia, but Daryl’s daughter has been breeding them and sold us Kim about five years ago.

They can survive in hard conditions, drought, heat and cold and store fat in their tail as a reserve.

Kim’s  wool is very different form our other sheep.  It’s long and straight and mixes well with the Border Leicester, Romney and Cheviots.  It’s also very warm and strong and is great for felting.

Karakuls are  known for their lambs pelts which are used to make hats and coats.   It’s soft and tightly curled and expensive.

Kim is a somewhat  skittish, but she’ll nose her way through the other sheep for a treat.  She has a sweet face and keeps an eye on Fate when she circles the sheep, stamping her foot if Fate gets too close.

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