Walking With Fate

Fate looks pretty majestic in this photo I took of her, but she’s actually a fun loving dog with a sense of humor.  She is seldom so serious.

She behaves differently when she’s around the other dogs and even around Jon than she does when it’s just the two of us.

When it’s just me and Fate in the studio, or on a walk, we’re tuned into each other.  She pays attention to me, not by walking or sitting next to me, but by intuiting what we’re doing.  In my studio she goes to her crate or in the warmer weather sits outside, when I begin to work.   When we walk, she’s usually ahead or just behind me. She always waits for me if I stop walking.

We each occupy our own space and are completely aware of the other at the same time.   My walks in the woods would not be the same without Fate’s company.

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