Bigger Than The Parts

I had such a hard time getting started in my studio this morning.  I knew I should be making more potholders for my Etsy Shop, but it just wasn’t working.

So I cleaned up. I put all the fabric I left on my worktable on Friday away and swept the floor.  Then I meditated and did some yoga.

It took about an hour before I found the dragons.

They came from a wraparound skirt I bought years ago.  I’ve used other parts of the skirt  for other pieces that I’ve made.   I had these two pieces of the skirt, with dragons on them,  left and they seemed to want to be together.

As if they were guarding something.

When I found the dark purple velvet with the red stripe though it, I knew it was a beginning of a new quilt.

Alchemy I kept thinking to myself as I sewed the fabric together.  I’m creating something bigger than the parts.

After I took this picture, I figured out what will happen next on the quilt, but didn’t have a chance to sew it together.

I’ll get to it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Bigger Than The Parts

  1. Isn’t it great how walking away from a project can be the thing we need rather than a headlong assault of the will? 🙂

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