Fate, Sleeping With Eyes Wide Open

So I come downstairs to go to the bathroom last night and there’s Fate, her eyes wide open, her butt on the chair, head on the ottoman, front legs dangling between the two.

I had to laugh, she seems so goofy.  And she didn’t move an inch the whole time I was downstairs, even when I took her picture.  It was like she was in a trance.  Maybe sleeping with her eyes open.

I don’t know, but I feel like this could be a new thing,  pictures of Fate sleeping on all the different chairs sofa and dog beds in the living room.

6 thoughts on “Fate, Sleeping With Eyes Wide Open

  1. What else do our dogs do in the middle of the night?? I just love this photo – The Truth About Border Collies After Dark!

  2. I would love to be that comfortable, draped over a chair, sleeping!! Dogs and cats have an amazing ability to do that, on most any surface!

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