Dragon Quilt, Potholders and Bellydancing

I did a little more work today on my Dragon Quilt this morning, but then moved on to working on making a few more potholders for my Etsy Shop.  

I have free shipping on all my potholders through Dec 10th, so I want to make sure I have somethingfor people to buy.

Tomorrow I have a lot of shipping to do in the morning.  But I hope to get back to working on my quilt tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve also been listened to a lot of Bellydancing music from the playlist Julz made for us.  I try to keep count while I’m working and often find myself trying not to dance as much as do certain moves, like the bump and Egyptian to the count of… and a one and a two and a three and a four.  (early on Julz likened the counting to Lawrence Welk).

Practicing for the Hafla on Thursday is definitely on my mind.  I’m now determined to at least have the right attitude when I dance, meaning I convey confidence and the joy of dancing even if I can’t get  the dance steps right.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Quilt, Potholders and Bellydancing

  1. I think it’s rather like yoga. You did a great tree for me and I felt inferior cause I couldn’t get even close to it. You told me it’s not about doing the poses perfectly. That it was a state of mind and what being a yogi brought to me! I told you I really loved it, I left proud, relaxed and happy. “There you go” you responded. You will feel proud and free too! No one cares if you miss a cue and have to ad lib a bit! You’ll have a smile on your face and rhythm in your soul!

    1. You’re right Cindy, I somehow forgot all that, like it only applies to that one part of life. That’s what I now need to incorporate into my dance.

  2. Castanets and a big smile! If you have to snap your fingers and do a few Windmills around the ladies so be it! I have my pony for fun not competition. Your belly dancing looks like fun to me! Go for it! Enjoy your performance and have a great time! I’m proud of you 🙂

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