Flo And The Sun


Unless there’s snow on the ground or it’s really cold, I try to entice the cats (with their breakfast) to come up from the basement in the morning and spend sometime outside.

I know this is my own little quirk, thinking the cats should be outside for a while during the day in the winter.

They’d probably be very happy to spend the winter in the basement, cuddled up in their cat beds, hunting whatever mice creep in for the winter and knowing, as usual, they can depend on me or Jon bringing them two meals a day and treats before bedtime.  (Our bedtime not theirs).

And truthfully,  it’s not much different for them outside than is in the basement, unless the sun is shining, which doesn’t happen much this time of year.  It’s not that different because Minnie takes to the barn, sleeping all day high up in the hay bales and Flo spends her day sleeping in the woodshed.

Today was one of those days that  Flo really did want to stay outside.

Minnie ran back into the house the first chance she got after eating breakfast.  But at 2pm, Flo was still outside, sunning herself on the back porch.  Her fur was warm to my touch and she walked away when I held the door open for her to come in the house.

It was cold day, but at times, the sun had an intensity that threw dark and distinct shadows and warmed the fur of any animals smart enough to soak it up.

2 thoughts on “Flo And The Sun

    1. There’s always the possibility Marilyn. I made a lot of Minnie and Flo potholders in the past. But I’m sure they will someday inspire me again….

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