Me Taking A Picture of Jon Taking A Picture of Me

Jon taking a picture of me taking a p

Once again I got a photo of Jon taking a picture that he used on his blog.

This time the picture was of me and the sheep.

I was  taking a video of the sheep eating, which I posted on my blog this morning.  I think that’s when Jon got the picture of me, because in the photo I’m smiling and I know I was enjoying hearing the sound the sheep were making eating their hay, enough to smile that much.

It was somewhere in that time of getting the video (it took a few takes)  that I looked up and saw Jon taking my picture and I got the photo of him.

And that big lump of wool with all the hay in it in, the front of the photo, that’s Griselle eating breakfast.

The photo Jon took of me the was is on his blog.

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