The Bones Of My Day

Gray Hen Potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop

Shipping, lunch with friends, bookkeeping.  The bones of my day.  Not very creative, but important.

I figured out a good system for using Etsy shipping.  So even though it’s more work for me, it slows me down in a way that makes the process more rhythmic, so more enjoyable.

Because of this, when my free shipping special ends on December 11th, I’ll be able to charge less money for shipping.

I have to sell about ten more books to pay off the cost of creating  Mary Kellogg’s  latest book, This Time Of Life.  Soon she’ll be reaping all the monetary benefits from its sales.  I’ll be happy to be able to bring her a check and let her know about all the people in all the places her book is being read.

I’m sold out of Flying Vulva Potholders, so I’ll be making more of those next week and maybe more Hen and Rooster Potholders too or something else that strikes me.   I’m almost sold out of the House of Hearts tote bags.  They’re  making placemats now, so I’m thinking of buying some of them next.

I renewed my health insurance, paid some bills and put money away for taxes.  The everyday, necessary stuff, which to me, feels better to get done than to do.

Tomorrow, it’s back to my studio and Bellydancing…

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