Thirty Second Dancing Ice Crystal Meditation

I got my ass wet taking this video. I had to sit on the ground, near the edge of the flooded field to help keep my hand steady.  I was soaked though in seconds.  But I think it was worth it.  These ice crystals are so tiny, I don’t think they’d measure on a ruler.

They were shaking and twirling like they knew I was watching.

12 thoughts on “Thirty Second Dancing Ice Crystal Meditation

  1. Another beautiful winter experience from the woods of Cambridge. Thank you for allowing us who are deskbound in an office with no windows in the basement of an office building to experience these magnificent moments of nature. They really transport me to that icy field.

    1. Well I am so glad Eileen. I’ve been in at basement with no windows, not at a desk, but cutting mats for a museum exhibit. Knowing what it doesn’t for you makes my wet ass so worth it!

    1. I wasn’t sure what I would find Janet, but I had a feeling there would be something for me to take video of there. Maybe it’s like what I wrote about the other day about not knowing what we’re looking for and it will reveal itself.

  2. Amazing. It’s almost as if they are dancing to the airplane motor vibration! Sorry you got so wet and cold. I guess that is truly suffering for your art! The crystals are beautiful.

    Thank you so much,

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