Donkey Games


Donkey’s Still Life

Every morning I go into the pole barn to muck it out and overnight, the donkeys have turned over the bucket with the mineral lick in it, pushed the ball around and moved the orange cone.

Every morning I turn  the bucket back upright and replace the mineral lick.   I move the cone far enough away from the fence  for me to stick the ball in the top or it.

It’s a game we’ve been playing for a while now.  I put it all together and the donkeys take it all apart.

Today they made, what looked like to me,  a still life. Then pooped on it.  A signature perhaps?

The idea that one, or both of the donkeys marked these things makes me think that they’re taking the game a step further.

I took this picture of the donkey’s creation, then dissembled it.  I’ll be curious to see what they do tomorrow.

How I left the cone, ball, bucket and mineral block this morning.


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