My Sheep Rosemary

Rosemary was the second sheep we got from our friend Donna.  She rescued five Romney’s from a woman who couldn’t keep them anymore and was going to send them to market.  Donna could see the beauty of their wool and took them home.

First we were only going to take one of them, Izzy. Donna said Izzy had the best wool.  But eventually we took the four ewes.  Donna kept the ram.

Rosemary hadn’t been shorn in a couple of years, and her wool was matted and even felted on her body.  I helped Donna and a few other friends hold Rosemary down and cut some of the matted wool.  She wasn’t easy to catch or hold.  Only half done, we got Rosemary in the back of  Donna’s Subaru and drove her to our farm.

Eventually our shearer came and cut off the rest of Rosemary’s wool.

It was impossible to know what her wool was like back then, but it turns out it’s different from my other Romneys.  Rosemary’s wool is a tight curl and so rich in lanolin, her bag of wool, though not the biggest is always the heaviest.

Rosemary is a beautiful sheep with a lot of attitude and poise.  She’s not as friendly as some of my other sheep, but she’s not standoffish either and  always willing to take a treat from me.

7 thoughts on “My Sheep Rosemary

  1. She is lovely, Maria. How marvelous for Rosemary that she found the home she needed with you and Jon. I will have a starter flock next Spring, ready to begin that journey in woolery!

  2. Shetland, I think. I’m working with a shepherd in Vermont who has an amazing fiber farm (Tammy White, Wing and a Prayer Farm), and a lovely spirit. She’ll start me off with a small flock and guide me, so I can find my way. Exciting to think about having sheep here again, and reinventing a new after-teaching life!

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