My New Fujifilm Instax Instamatic Camera


The last photo I took today with my new fujifilm instax.  Jon taking a photo of Fate

I had a feeling something was up when Jon started asking me about my Polaroid camera.  I hadn’t taken any photos with it in a while, but was justing started using it again.

Then on Friday, the box came from B&H Photo.

Inside was a Fujifilm Instax, instamatic camera.  “It’s the kind of camera’s artist’s use”, Jon told me.  A square format, not complicated but a better quality than my Polaroid and with more than one setting.

I read the simple  directions, set the camera up, took one photo, then put the camera away until today.  I’m not one to jump into things.  I usually get anxious when I get something new, so I’ve learned to wait till the creative urge strikes.

That happened this morning.  I started by taking a picture of the fruitbowl.

I tried the camera on  different settings to see what it would do.

It has a double exposure setting.  This was my second attempt at that.  First I took a photo of the vase of peacock feathers in the stairway, then a picture of Fate and Bud.  I think I’m going to have fun with the Double exposures.

Tin Man

There’s a landscape setting that widens the frame of the photo equal amounts on both sides of a center circle that shows up in the viewfinder.  I didn’t know this was how it worked till I took this photo.

The first photo I took was of Jon writing in his study.  I think at that point he was more excited about it than I was.  He loved the moody photo, that captured the writer at work.

I actually think my best Polaroids are the ones with Jon in them.  I’m not really sure why.  I think I have to take a lot more pictures before I’ll understand it.

I never would have thought to get a Polaroid camera.  And I never would have bought myself this new Instamatic.  Jon is a champion for creativity.  Whenever he sees a creative urge that needs to be filled, he tries to help make that happen.  And he’s often aware of that urge before I am.

Jon writing in his study.  My first photo with my new Fujifilm camera.



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