Sara and Sara, At The Pop-Up Gallery In Town

Sara Davis and her ceramics.

Our small upstate NY town of Cambridge has an unusual amount of artists.  A few times a year they get together and have an Open Studio tour for those of them  who live in town.  Some of the artist who live off the main street find an empty storefront or use the Hubbard Hall Barn to show and sell their work.

This Saturday a few artists had a pop-up show in the Old Bank on Main Street.  Two of them were in the Bedlam Farm Open House.  Sara Davis and Sara Kelly.

Sara Davis is in tune with the seasons, her work changes with the weather.  In the spring and summer she grows flowers and vegetables, in the fall and winter she makes wreathes for the holidays and creates her beautiful and unique ceramic mugs, cups and bowls.  For about eight  months of the year she has a CSA and  travels back and forth to NYC delivering vegetables.

You can see and buy Sara’s Ceramics on Etsy at GoldenEarthDesigns. 

Sara Kelly, painting at the pop-up gallery yesterday

I wouldn’t expect to see Sara Kelly in any gallery selling her work with a paintbrush in her hand.

Yesterday she was working from a photo she recently posted on facebook of the green mountains from Route 22. It was easy to imagine the photo transformed into one of Sara’s mystical  paintings.

Sara is the go-to graphic designer in Cambridge.  She’ll be designing  business cards, with my new header on them and maybe some Full Moon Bookmarks that I can put in with my Etsy packages.

As good a designer as Sara is,  I think she’s a painter at heart.

When she looks out the window and sees a deer eating her tree, it becomes a painting.  When she’s driving down the road and the sun sparkles on a snow-covered  mountain, or when the crows insist on her attention, it all becomes one of her creations.

I get a calendar from Sara every year so I get to see a different painting of her’s every month.  She sold out of them quickly this year, but has original paintings and prints for sale in on her website Sara Kelly Graphics and Design.  


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