“Socrates, The Yellow Snail”

“Socrates The Yellow Snail”  By Susan Popper

“Socrates the yellow snail
Beside you all others pale
Boldly falling on a trail of slime
Landing gracefully each and every time.
Gliding silently around your watery home.
You in your perfect golden dome.”

My friend Susan wrote this poem after seeing my video of Socrates and Diego on Instagram last week.  I forgot to post the video on my blog, which worked out well I guess, because the video and poem go so well together.

This is one of the ways Mystery Snails (Socrates is a Mystery Snail) get around.  They drop from one leaf to another.

(Sometimes I take a picture or video and put it up on Instagram or Facebook, then forget about it.  You can always see all the videos and pictures on my Instagram  by clicking on the Instagram icon on the bottom of my blog.  It’s the last one, just after Pinterest)

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