“Dragon” My New Quilt For Sale


To me, the dragon is both the protector and something to be slain.

Still when I face a personal issue I want to overcome, I think of me climbing up the rocky hillside and entering the dragons cave to slay it.  And yet, the dragon in my mind is also the gargoyle on the church keeping evil away.

I was creating this quilt as I was coming to understand the importance of bringing feeling and joy to my bellydancing.  Coming to the realization that I was focusing only on technique and had left emotion out of my dance.

Feeling safe (protected) in my Bellydancing class and in my life at home, helped me to face the old fears of ridicule and mistrust  that performing brought up in me.

Looking at Dragon, now that it’s finished, I can see it embodies this idea of having a safe place to work out old fears and issues.

The quilt as protective cloak, working its transformative magic.

Dragon is 78″x81″ and is $400 + $20 Shipping.  It’s for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Click here to get there. 

The back of Dragon
Detail from Dragon

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