Jon’s Dish Drain

Jon’s Dish Drain

I took three photos with my fujifilm Instax this morning.  This was my third and as I watched it develop I could see it was the kind of picture I’ve been trying to take with this camera.

It is intimate, filled with feeling and substance. The colors, shapes and angle of the photo make a good composition.

And, in a way,  it’s also a portrait of Jon.  I don’t stack the dish drain  in this (what seems to me haphazard) way, bowls up, cups on their side, dish facing front.

I make and orderly and solid foundation of dishes, cups and bowls turned to drain,  so I can stack them high, a daily sculpture of form and balance.

Of course, no one would know this but me and Jon (and it’s probably not the kind of thing Jon takes notice of),  so the title gives what information the photo doesn’t.

8 thoughts on “Jon’s Dish Drain

  1. Your photo and explanation made me smile because that’s almost exactly how it goes with my husband and I. Interesting to me that they put bowls in facing up. What caught my eye was the plate. I had an aunt (not really family by blood but of the heart) who left me the exact same exact pattern when she died. I’ve never seen the pattern anywhere else. Seeing it triggered memories. I still have the dishes but rarely use them for fear I’ll break them and I don’t have a good track record with breakage.

    1. Ah we’re the same about breaking dishes too Pat. When you wrote that you had the same plate and it has meaning for you, I imagined my photo a little different. Like a memory.

  2. Desert Rose by Franciscan; my grandmother’s dishes that served many a Sunday dinner at her house. Styles of stacking…lovely!

  3. I use the Desert Rose dishes every day. So did my mother. Seeing them every day makes me say a silent thank you to her, and they conjure up memories of her artistic talents. They seem to be pretty durable. I don’t think I have broken any–but that is probably more a tribute to my vinyl kitchen floor. It’s nice to know that clear across the country we are eating off of the same dishes.

    1. I had no idea these dishes were so well known. I got mine in a thrift store. But it also shows how the everyday things we use can not only be beautiful but have so much meaning. Thanks for your story Molly. I like the idea of us eating off the same dishes too.

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