Kitchen Windowsill

Kitchen Window

This was the second fujifilm instax I took this morning.  The first one, a double exposure, didn’t work.  This one was too dark, but after taking a picture of the Instax with my iPhone,  I played with the light and color on my computer.

I like the  light on the shiny surfaces, the gritty texture and dark shadows.

This is my special window sill, the closest to an altar in the house.  I know what’s on it, but I’m not sure someone looking at it will see anything but masses of undefined shape.

But maybe the particulars don’t matter.  Maybe the idea of a personal and idiosyncratic window sill comes thought in the photo.  I’m too close to it to tell, but would be interested to know what you think.  This may just be the beginning of an idea.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Windowsill

  1. I like the color and the stark relief of some of the windowsill altar items. I like the idea of a windowsill altar., when I come to your house I always see something new. Kind of like your quilts. I still find new things to see in the quilt you made for me. I love how your art permeates your life. As you say my life, my art. So true.

    1. I think some art is fast and some is slow. The slow art keeps revealing itself. The fast, a quick hit. Mine tends to be slow. I”m glad it works for you in the same way Susan.

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