My Imaginary Friend Postcards For Sale

The Queen And Her Throne (my grown up imaginary friend) Postcard.  For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Sometimes after work at night, I sit in the living room, or even in bed and make a postcard drawing.

A few weeks ago I was reading when a image of a girl sitting on a couch came to me.  After drawing her, I realized she was the imaginary friend I had when I was a kid.

I first saw my imaginary friend  on the faux marble tile in my bathroom. Then she moved into a birdcage under my neighbor’s stoop. She’s grown up some and now she seems at home in my postcards.

I have a few postcards with drawings of my imaginary friend on them for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I also put some Still Life’s and Goddess postcards for sale too.  There are 11 in all, each one is an original drawing.  They are $10 each with free shipping.

You can see and read about them all in my Etsy Shop.  And you can get there by clicking on the Shop Etsy Button below.

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My Postcards for Sale in my Etsy Shop


4 thoughts on “My Imaginary Friend Postcards For Sale

  1. I absolutely need one of these. On my way to Etsy, I will stop here to tell you of my imaginary friend, Loopy. (Although I’m not sure how she spelled her name. I was too young to spell when I first met her. So it may be Lupe (short for Guadalupe) or Loupie. Don’t know.) Anyhoo, she was a real fixture in our household for quite a while. But one day, after not hearing about her for a while, my mother asked “Where’s Loopy?” “She got run over by a truck,” I announced. And that was that.

    1. That’s a great story Jill. My friend didn’t have a name, loopy is perfect for an imaginary friend. And she died kinda rough, but you seemed ok with it! 🙂

  2. Imaginary friends are like Jon’s “spirit dogs”. They come when we need them and then they leave. I’m sure I didn’t have any real concept of what being run over by a truck was like, but that pronouncement ended any further mention of Loopy. Rest her imaginary soul.

    1. Yes, it sounds like you didn’t need her anymore and you weren’t giving her a chance to come back. I love that you were so direct and unapologetic about it.

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