“Dragon”, My Quilt For Sale, A Video

Jon got this video of me talking about my latest quilt for sale called “Dragon”.  Fate, faithfuls stood behind me for the whole video, peering around my legs.  Bud joined in too.

Jon posted the video on his blog too and he added an audio to the end of his post with us talking about how we usually don’t know what our work is about until we finish it.

(I couldn’t help but notice how what I’m wearing today goes really well with the quilt. Completely unintentional).

So come have a look.

 “Dragon” is for sale it’s $400 + $20 shipping and can still be delivered in time  for Christmas if I get it in the mail by tomorrow.   It’s 78″x81″ and you can buy it in m Etsy Shop or email me at [email protected].

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