Bud and Jon

Bud watching Jon out my studio window

Fate knows Jon’s ringtone on my phone.  She gets up and goes to the door when ever he calls or sends a text.  Bud doesn’t get that connection yet.  But he does know when Jon comes home and gets excited to see him, in a way none of our other dogs do.

Bud heard Jon pull into the driveway, and was at my studio window.  He started whining when he saw Jon walk over the barn and back to the house.

I think Bud  would  prefer to be with Jon if he had the choice.   They have their routines together that I’m not a part of.  Bud spends his days in the house with Jon and Red, when I’m in my studio.  It’s only when Jon goes out that Bud comes into my studio.

So Bud was happy to see Jon come home today.  I was too.  That’s something Bud and I share.

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