Thirty Second Ice Drop Meditation

The water was rushing over the Gulley Bridge, but when I saw the tips of the branches, round with balls of ice, bouncing over the stream, I knew I had to try to get a video.

I had my muck boots on so my feet didn’t get wet.  I took a few videos before getting this one, by tucking myself under a weedy Japanese Lilac on the edge of the stream.

When I saw the light changing as the branch with the ice ball bobbed close to the water,  I knew I got the video I was looking for.

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2 thoughts on “Thirty Second Ice Drop Meditation

  1. Maria – A GEM! How do you do it? I would never have noticed that branch and the ice! A friend in Minnesota just got a Japanese Lilac – ! I had never heard of them before! I will view this over and over and send a donation via snail mail – and speaking of snails – love the shots of the snails and orange fish.
    These 30 second meditations certainly pack a lot of artistry in 30 seconds and enable us far away to get a very unique glimpse of winter in rural upstate N.Y.

    1. Well it was big enough to see pretty clearly. maybe the size of a golf ball. And there was a branch right next to it with many ice balls on it. That was what got my attention first. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I suppose it is a different view. I appreciate your words and support Eileen.

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