Bud’s Acceptance

Why is it that when a person snores it’s annoying but when an animal snores it’s kinda funny and sweet?

Bud is a good snorer.  He has a way of letting out a loud snore just after Jon or I say something that we think is important or significant.

Sometimes Bud will have a dream, or more like a nightmare and he’ll jump up suddenly from his sleep and start barking.  I’ve always heard that dogs shake off trauma, that it doesn’t stay in their bodies as it often does with humans.  But seeing Bud behave as if he’s having a night terror makes me wonder.

Last night I sat on the floor by the wood stove and Bud came and sat next to me.  My mind emptied out and I think, for the fist time, I felt like I was seeing the real Bud, without my preconceived notions of him.  He wasn’t the dog we got after Gus died, or a Boston Terrier with all that comes attached to the breed, he was just Bud.

And in that moment, I heard  the words in my mind: “Someone was nice to me and then they weren’t”.  It was very matter of fact and I was sure they came from Bud.  I didn’t feel any emotions attached to the words, he was just letting me know what happened.

I don’t know if this was Bud telling me something about his life before we knew him, but I believe it was.  It’s as if he was saying he knew that people could be good, before he was rescued by Carol Johnson then adopted by us.

The few times I’ve gotten what I believe are communications from my animals, they are always without emotion.  Just statements of fact.  It seems to affirm the idea that animals are accepting of their lives in a way most humans aren’t.

I wonder if that’s true, or if it’s just something I want to believe.

5 thoughts on “Bud’s Acceptance

  1. I took an animal communication course this fall and though I’m a novice at best, I’d tell you to trust your instincts that you are truly receiving communications. When we learn to quiet our minds and receive more through the heart and whole body, telepathic reception becomes clearer.
    There are several current books and publications on the subject, i.e. by Penelope Smith and Carol Gurney, but I love the legend of St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio. https://tamingthewolf.com/saint-francis-and-the-wolf/.

  2. I believe you are correct about animals communications (mind to mind) are made in a very matter of fact way. What a gift when we are able to clear our minds and be open to messages. You’ve got some great dogs!

  3. As an empath, you heard his words, his memories. It is so much better for dogs and animals (and people, too) that we hear them, rather than the stories with which they came to us. The fact that animals can live in today, without judgement is part of what makes them pure. I loved reading this, Maria.

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