Winter and The Holidays


The rippled edge of a snow covered leaf

This time of year, the sunshine makes the difference between my studio being warm or cold.  The thin layer of snow and ice outside isn’t melting, it’s too cold for that, but the sun is low enough in the sky to reach in the four windows on the south side of my studio and help heat the space up.

If the sun is out all day, my studio stays warm for a couple of hours after the sun goes down.  If not, it get’s cold pretty quick.

Hunting Season is either all ready over or ends this weekend.  I’ve heard both from different people, so I’m still not taking any chances and staying on the path in the woods.  I don’t trust Bud’s recall to take him off leash in the woods, and Red can’t go for long walks anymore, so it’s just me and Fate.

Now we have to drive to get to the path in the woods, but soon well be able to walk through the back pasture and over the Gulley Bridge to get to the woods.

Tomorrow is my Bellydancing Hafla, which I’m nervously looking forward to.  Friday, on the Winter Solstice, Jon and I are going to have a bon fire to mark the shortest night.  On Saturday we’ll have breakfast with my mother and I’ll give her the quilt I made for her.  We’re having a couple of friend over for dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day we’re going to The Mansion in the morning then  to see At Eternity’s Gate, the movie about Vincent Van Gogh.

For the first time in years I’m not dreading the holidays.  Who knows,  I may even enjoy them.


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