Branch Woman, Dancing Talisman

Branch Woman

Branch Woman called to me this morning.  Of course she wanted to be dressed in  symbols of the Ancient Goddess.   A tiny piece of turquoise for her heart some beads around her belly and a turban of strung beads with charms.

In a little while I’m going to be getting dressed myself for the Holiday Bellydancing  Hafla tonight.  Jon’s coming and bringing his camera.  I’ll also bring a bowl of fruit.   Food and dancing, getting to talk to each other, in a way there’s no time for during class.

I can see now that Branch Woman is a Dancing Talisman.  I listened to the Hafla Playlist while I dressed her.

She came to me just at the right time.

Here’s links to the two songs I’ll be dancing to  with Julz and Kathleen tonight, one fast the other slow. Habibi Min Zaman by Balken Beat Box and Querer by  Cirque Du Soleil.

Branch Woman’s Back


14 thoughts on “Branch Woman, Dancing Talisman

  1. Oh Maria, I am with you in thought and spirit, so happy for you to be making this big step! I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since l was 17 years old and despite tremendous trepidations, I managed to become a university lecturer and stand in front of hundreds of people again and again. The joy that comes with growing a new layer of understanding about yourself is worth the extra effort it takes to navigate these stepping stones on our life path…please enjoy the fantastic opportunity to be celebrated tonight – by others and by yourself, it is a gift (once you have gone past the moments of stage fright). Thinking of you and applauding your growing woman spirit!

    1. Thank You Sabina. It really is worth the effort and I’m coming to understand that so many people suffer from anxiety, but it doesn’t stop them for doing what they love.

  2. Maria, I will be thinking about you tonight and know that your spirit will soar when you begin your dance. I am so inspired by you that I recently did something I never expected I could. I felt empowered and somehow released from the uncertainty I’d had. I thought of you and felt a little of what you’ve shared with all of us. Thank you for your spirit.
    I know you will be wonderful tonight because you are there!
    Laura Whinery

  3. Dear Maria,
    i just watched Jon’s video of your dance performance and you were spectacular, Wow what a lot of work and what a work out for you all. Congratulations you really accomplished a lot i do not believe i could do it. Thanks for allowing Jon to share it and revel in the compliments you earned them. You just looked gorgeous, Great job !!!

  4. What you have created is timely with your dancing last night – this is beautiful + spiritual as well.

    Bravo to you on your dancing last night – I watched the video.

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